12 Fun Yoga Poses to Do with Your Cat

12 Fun Yoga Poses to Do with Your Cat

From purr-fect poses to joyous tail-chasing twirls, discover how cat yoga transforms your usual yoga routine into a delightful, shared experience of stretching, meditation, and playful connection with your furry companion. 

Ensure their well-being is as flexible as their poses. Simultaneously, consider being equipped with cat insurance NZ because every stretch, purr, and twirl deserves the protection of comprehensive care.  

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In the meantime, learn the perfect poses to try with your cat.

Yoga poses to try with your cat 

1. The purr-fect pose (Cat-cow stretch) 

  • Mimic the natural arching and stretching movements of a cat with this classic yoga pose. 
  • Encourage your cat to join in by synchronising their movements with yours. 

2. Meowmaste meditation 

  • Practice seated meditation with your cat by your side. 
  • Share a moment of stillness, focusing on deep breaths and creating a serene atmosphere. 

3. Kneading kneadiness 

  • Utilise the cat’s instinctive kneading behaviour during poses that involve gentle pressure on their paws. 
  • This fosters a sense of comfort and relaxation. 

4. Paw-some partner poses 

  • Incorporate partner poses that involve gentle contact between you and your cat. 
  • This strengthens the bond and promotes trust. 

5. Yogi and kitty duo stretch 

  • Engage in stretches where your cat can participate by reaching or stretching alongside you. 
  • This creates a shared experience of movement and flexibility. 

6. Zen ball play 

  • Integrate a soft ball into your routine, enticing your cat to play while you engage in yoga. 
  • It adds an element of playfulness to the session. 

7. Whisker tickling twists 

  • Use your fingers to gently tickle your cat’s whiskers during twisting poses. 
  • This playful touch adds joy to the stretching routine. 

8. Fortress of solitude (Cat pose) 

  • Embrace the cat pose by sitting back on your heels and rounding your back. 
  • Allow your cat to explore the space between your arms, creating a cosy fortress. 

9. Gentle belly rub flow 

  • Incorporate gentle belly rubs into your yoga flow, particularly during poses where your cat exposes their belly. 
  • This promotes trust and relaxation. 

10. Synchronised breathing (Lion’s breath) 

  • Practise the Lion’s Breath technique, exhaling loudly with an open mouth. 
  • Observe your cat’s reaction and enjoy the shared moment of breath awareness. 

11. Catnip calmness corner 

  • Create a designated corner with catnip-infused toys or mats for relaxation. 
  • Encourage your cat to unwind in their special spot during the session. 

12. Tail-chasing twirls 

  • Integrate spinning or twirling movements into your routine, mimicking a cat’s playful tail-chasing behaviour. 
  • This adds an element of fun and spontaneity to the yoga session. 

Let each yoga session be a delightful exploration of movement, bonding, and shared joy with your feline companion. 

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Clare Louise